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Medical Center LiderDent
Mogilska Street 21, Krakow 31-542, Poland
Mobile Phone: +48 500 132 244
Phone: +48 12 413 84 46

MEDICAL CENTER LIDERDENT in Krakow is a MEDICAL COMPLEX gathering in one place various specialists of different areas.Modern equipment, high qualifications and professionalism of the working staff make patients feel safe and special with us.
Our doctor's offices are free of architectural barriers so we can treat people with disabilities.

The needs of our youngest patients are also important for us, which is why we propose adaptation visits aimed at familiarizing children with the doctor's office. The attentive care of competent specialists with the right approach to a small patient will allow us to avoid complicated and expensive treatment in the future, as well as shape a positive attitude towards visits to the dentist.

Patient's needs are the most important for us, so everyone is treated with full understanding.
We adjust the dates of visits to your time possibilities even in the late evening and on public holidays. We provide high quality services, we are distinguished by professionalism and individual approach to the patient.

Open hours:

Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 21:00
Sat: 9:00 - 15:00

Medical Laboratory (material pickup)
Mon - Fri: 7:00 - 14:00


120-180 zl -> Light-cured tooth filling
20 zl -> Point x-ray
60 zl -> Panoramic x-ray
200-250 zl -> Hygiene of the whole oral cavity (sandblasting, sandblasting, fluoridation)
300 zl -> Root canal of a tooth with 1-canal
750 zl -> Root canal of a tooth with 4-canal
650 zl -> Root canal treatment for teeth 1-3 using a microscope
950 zl -> Root canal treatment with molar teeth using a microscope
200-300 zl -> Surgical removal of the tooth (with anesthesia)
500 zl -> Surgical removal of retained tooth (with anesthesia)
1000-2500 zl -> Bone reconstruction (bone graft preparation)
2500-3500 zl -> Implants (surgical part, individual price set after consultation with a surgeon)
1000-3000 zl -> Crown on the implant (depending on the type of material and implants)
800-900 zl -> Tooth whitening using LASER
800 zl -> Porcelain crown on metal
2000 zl -> Full-ceramic crown on the rhinestones